Job Description
They play a prominent role in the management of the plant operation, and they ensure that the organizations follow the standard procedure and must take steps to ensure compliance. The technician should take care of the appropriate controls, risk assessments, and approvals. They must pay attention to high and medium risk activities to avoid any problems.

The Site Operation Technician should be proactive in identifying and resolving any issues to ensure safe operation. They have to provide technical assistance for the outage preparation. The technician should assist in creating permits to work for site operation assets. The professionals should collaborate with the vendors as and when needed. They have to attend to specific repairs and provide maintenance services by procuring spare parts.

The technician must work in coordination with other department heads and quality teams to organize maintenance activities such as planning, change overs, and preventative maintenance. It is the responsibility of the Site Operations Technician to perform site survey, preparations and isolations in compliance with the permit conditions. They should recognize new and emerging issues and utilize different systems to log notifications for smooth functioning. Apart from these, the other tasks they perform are: